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We are a full solution, creative event production agency with over 20 years of experience creating and running events.

We help bring brands to life with ideas and activations designed to be targeted and delivered to the correct audience in a relevant way. The marketing landscape has changed and modern brands need to be responsive and fast-moving. Traditional media is increasingly becoming a less authentic method of reaching an audience. Brands need to find a way to have a conversation with their customers, discovering what they want, rather than telling them what they think they need.

This is where we come in.

We live in a world of empowered consumers who have an unrivalled ability to edit and avoid advertising. Brands need to cut through and form an immediate bond with consumers; we can help facilitate this in various ways.

If you’re unsure what would be most effective for your brand, here are a few options and examples of what we can help you with.

"The best experience we have had at a show this year. Right from the first call discussing our ideas all the way through the event and the follow up- we have felt like (Player1 Events) really care about the experiences both our players and their attendees were going to have”
Neale Maker
UK Esports & Engagement Marketing Manager


What better way to showcase your IP than with an event to celebrate what makes your product special. Showcase your brand, announce new products when your audience is at its most engaged or just create an experience tied to your product that your customers will never forget. With brand events, we can work with you to transform your product into an experiential offering that is guaranteed to engage your existing community whilst also connecting you with a new audience.


Whether you want to educate your employees about the variety of products you offer or inspire them with a showcase of what makes your brand special, an internal conference can help you achieve that. We can work with you to provide a space to demonstrate your products to an internal guest list and leave them with a wider knowledge of what makes your business unique.


Are you interested in exhibiting at an event and activating your brand in an experiential activity that leaves your delegates engaged and wanting more but don’t know where to start? Our incredible team of event organisers, logistics managers and partnership experts can help you bring your vision to life!


Take advantage of gaming’s most engaged community in the UK and bring your brand to life alongside our flagship event; Insomnia Gaming Festival. We have multiple opportunities to best present you at our event, or we can work with you to create a “show-within-a-show”.

If there’s another opportunity at Insomnia you’re interested in, check out the Insomnia page.


At our core, we are LAN and Esports specialists and we can help you deliver tournaments from grass-roots level all the way to professional esports events. We’ve worked with multiple esports partners such as Ubisoft and Call of Duty League to provide multiple levels of esports tournaments.

If you want to find out more about how we can provide professional esports tournaments for play and spectating, check out our esports page today.


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